NPK 00:00:50 Fertilizer

Technical name: Sulphate of Potash Water Soluble Fertilizer / Potassium Sulphate Water Soluble Fertilizer
Chemical Name Sulphate of Potash or Potassium Sulphate
Grade SOP 00:00:50
Packaging Size 25kg, 1kg, 250gms
Application Foliar Spray and Drip Fertigation
Form Powder
  • 100% Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer, neutral salt and has no effect on soil acidity or alkalinity.
  • Free flowing Material.
  • Imported Product.
  • This Fertilizer contains Potassium (50%) and Sulphur (17.5%). Both these nutrients are essentials for Plant yield.
  • Ideal for use with drip irrigation or foliar spray.
  • No Heavy Metals.
  • Plants receive high dose of K (Potassium).
  • This is the ideal fertilizer for the quality of food, feed and fiber.
  • 5gms per litre of water.
  • 1kg per acre in 200 litres water.
  • Recommended to be applied at Fruit Development stages.
Suitable Crops
  • All Vegetable and Fruit Crops, All flowering Plants.
  • Recommended for agriculture and horticulture purpose.

(Specifications % on Dry weight. Basis Product is as per FCO specifications)

Sodium as NaCI by weight 2.0% max.
Moisture by weight 1.5% max.
Potash as (K2O) by weight 50.0% min.
Total Chloride (as CI) by weight 2.5% max.
Sulphur (as S) by weight 17.5% min.

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  • For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.
  • The uses of these Fertilizers and their dosages might vary due to Soil condition, crop stage and weather conditions.
  • We encourage you to consult a local agronomist before using these NPK Fertilizers.
  • lease note , the dosages given here are just for reference – We do not take any responsibility of the exact dosage and we do not provide any schedule for your crops, plant or trees.

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