Marvel Gold

Product type: Fungicide
Technical name: Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64%
Name Marvel Gold
Packaging Size 1kg
Recommendations For the control of downy mildew of grapevine, damping off and leaf blight/black and Alternaria blight in mustard, Phytophthora foot rot in black paper and downy mildew in pearl millet.
  • अंगूर के मृद रोमिलआसिता, तम्बाखू पौधे के आर्द्र गलन तथा कला तना रोग, आलू के पिछला झुलसा रोग।
  • सरसो का सफ़ेद गेरुआ और अलटरनेरिया अंगमारी रोग, काली मिर्च का फायटोप्थोरा।
  • निचला स्तरीय विलगन रोग और बाजरा का मृद रोमिल आसिता रोगनियंत्रण के लिए।

Chemical Composition

Mtalayzyla.i. 8,000%m/m
Mancozeba.i. 64,000%m/m
Wetting agent
(Condensate of Formaldehyde and Naphthalene Phenol Sulfonic acid sodium salt or equivalent)
Dispersing agent
(Stearly-benzimidazoledisulphonic acid sodium salt or equivalent)
Silica acid 0.600%m/m
Kaolin 25,400%m/m
Total 100.00%m/m

Marvel Gold – Metalaxyl 18% +Mancozeb 64% WP

Crop Disease Name Dosage/ha. Waiting period
A.I.(g) Formulation (g/ml)/% Dilution in water(L)
Grapes Downy mildew 2000g or 0.4% 2500g or 0.5% 500lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Tobacco Nursery Damping off 3600g or 0.072% 5000g or 0.1% 5000lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Leaf blight/Black Shank (Soil drench at sowing and spray at 30 days after sowing) 1440g or 0.14% 2000g or 0.2% 1000lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Potato Late blight 1800gm or 0.18% 2500gm or 0.25% 1000lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Mustard White rust and Alternaria blight 1800gm or0.18% 2500gm or 0.5% 1000lt. Not less than 8 weeks
Black Pepper Phtophthora foot rot 1.8g.a.i/vine or 0.09% 2.5gm/vine or 0.125% 2lt./vine (spraying) 5lt./vine (soil drenching) Not less than 21 weeks
Pearl millet Downy mildew 1440gm or 0.28% 2000gm or 0.4% 500lt. Not less than 7 weeks

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  • The doses given in the table differ with soil condition, crop requirement and weather.
  • Please consult a local agronomist if needed.

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