Unbelievable Facts about Seaweed Gel!

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What is Seaweed?
Seaweed, in other words, is the name for all the species of marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies.

Gold Gel- The Pure Seaweed Gel

Seaweed Gel is manure extracted from Seaweed.

Gold Gel- The Pure Seaweed Gel

Why do you need Seaweed Gel?

We know that Urea helps Supply Plants with Nitrogen, DAP (Diammonium phosphate Fertilizer) helps supply plants with Macronutrients and Micronutrient Fertilizers help supply plants with – well, MICRONUTRIENTS. But Seaweed is a combination of Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Secondary Nutrients, and Plant Growth Hormones. Seaweed Gel made from Seaweed is an all in one combination of all Plant Nutrients and Hormones that any Crop/Plant requires. Our Seaweed Gel is the only product with all 3 Plant Growth Hormones that help your Plants in Flower formation, Root formation, and Stem formation.

Why should we use Seaweed in a Gel form and not in Powder form?

Seaweed Powder is made by using a lot of heat in the process. Due to the Heat used in the Process to make Seaweed Powder, the useful Bacteria dies. Thereby reducing the properties and benefits of Seaweed. Our Seaweed Gel is made without using heat, which results in Seaweed Pulp which contains a higher percentage of the five species of bacteria and 60-65% Organic Matter. This Seaweed Gel is then filtered where the fibrous particles are removed from the Seaweed Pulp, resulting in a  100% Water Soluble Seaweed Gel. Thus our Seaweed Gel is not only completely Organic but also 100% Water Soluble.

Since no useful bacteria is lost in the process of making Seaweed Gel, it increases the percentage of Azospirillum Bacteria (nitrogen-fixing bacteria) in the soil which will help to absorb Nitrogen from the atmosphere. This Azospirillum Bacteria thus results in an increase in the Nitrogen in soil, without using any chemical fertilizers like DAP/NPK/Urea.

How does Azospirillum Bacteria in our Seaweed Gel Help intake Atmosphere Nitrogen?

Let us understand this by an example. Ants are tiny insects that are present around us all the time – at our home, at our office, at our surroundings – but they are only visible to us when we leave food or sugar unattended. This is the same case with Atmosphere Nitrogen. Our Atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% other gases. So why does Soil still lack Nitrogen? Why do we need to use Synthetic Fertilizers or Chemicals to increase the percentage of Nitrogen in Soil?? This is because Atmospheric Nitrogen is in gaseous form and cannot be taken directly by the soil without undergoing a formation. Similarly, Azospirillum Bacteria (which is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria) if present in the soil, will naturally increase the intake of Atmospheric Nitrogen in Soil (just like how unattended food automatically attracts Ants). Our Seaweed Pulp which is extracted from the cold process results in an increase in Azospirillum Bacteria in the soil – as a result, the percentage of Nitrogen will increase in soil over time – resulting in a reduction in the use of Synthetic and Chemical Fertilizers.

Gold Gel- The Pure Seaweed Gel

Does the use of Seaweed gel immediately reduce the use of Synthetic Fertilizers?

The answer depends on whether you are looking for a short term temporary result or a Long Term Lasting result. Seaweed Gel is a slow and effective process – It does not give instant results like the chemical Fertilizers – but if used continuously for 2-3 years, the soil will be enriched with nutrients giving long term benefits and keeping your Agricultural Land Healthy. Seaweed Gel is not a Temporary Solution – it is a Permanent Solution. While Chemical Fertilizers may give immediate results, they leave Chemical Toxicity in the Soil – making our agricultural land Toxic. We have spent and are spending our time focusing on the plant and we forget to focus on the LAND – if the soil is enriched, our plants will automatically be healthy.

What is the ideal Soil Ph?

The Ideal Soil Ph is 6 to 6.5Ph. But due to the regular use of our agricultural land – the soil ph changes. Our Seaweed Gel also contains a bundle of Microorganisms along with  Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Secondary Nutrients, and Plant Growth Hormones. These Micro-Organisms available in our Seaweed Gel acts as a buffer agent and help neutralize the ph of the soil – if the soil is alkaline, these microorganisms will balance it and bring it down to the ideal acidic level (6-6.5ph), and if the soil is too acidic – these microorganisms will again balance the soil ph and make it reach the ideal level 6-6.5.

How to know if your Soil is toxic or not?

Well, Did You know the Colour of the Healthy plant roots is supposed to be White? If your plants have Light brown Roots, then your soil is less Toxic in nature. If your plants have Dark brown Roots, then your soil is More Toxic in nature. If your plants have Black Roots, then your soil is completely Toxic in nature. White Plant Roots indicate Healthy Soil.

Does Our Seaweed Gel help reduce Toxicity in your Agricultural Land?

Absolutely! Our Seaweed Gel is 100% Organic and contains Natural Micro Nutrients, Macro Nutrients, Secondary Nutrients, Plant Growth Hormones, Micro-Organisms and  5 species of Bacteria. Additionally, it is 100% Water Soluble and in the form of Pulp – which makes it easy to dissolve in the soil.

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