Is Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) really possible?

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How agricultural universities are fooling us to ask us to use chemicals for the growth of crops and plants – KNOW ABOUT ZBNF

Zero Budget Natural Farming means the cost of producing all crops will be zero.
Explicitly speaking, it means nothing has to be purchased to grow crops and plants.

But, How is ZBNF possible?

Everything required for the development of the plant is available underground around the roots of the plants.
There is no reason to include anything from outside – Our Soil Is full of NUTRIENTS.

Talking about nutrients, how much nutrients to plants and crops actually need?

Honestly speaking only 1.5 to 2.0 % nutrients are taken from the soil. The Remaining 98 to 98.5% plant nutrients are taken from sun, water & air.

What nutrients do plants require to make food?

All green leaves produce food throughout the day by using carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the air, water from the soil, river or rain and energy from the sun for producing the food. These elements that constitute 98% of the plant body are available free of cost.
The rest 1.5% of the nutrients are taken from the soil. These nutrients are also free of cost.

If there is no need to add Then why do agricultural universities recommend us to use Fertilizers? Why do we require Soil testing?

Our soil is definitely enriched with nutrients, but these nutrients are not in the form, which the roots can intake. In simpler words, the nutrients in the soil are available in the form of grains not in the form of Chapattis or Roti. Hence, the nutrients in the soil are in the unavailable form.
The roots cannot take nutrients in this form. Therefore, It is recommended to take soil tests and the soil testing report hence reflects that the nutrients in the soil are in the unavailable form.
This non-available form of nutrients is converted to available form by the millions of micro-organisms easily available In the forest. Thus these micro-organisms that are present in tremendous amount convert these non-available form of nutrients into available form and make available to the plants. That is why there is no need to add any fertilizers from outside in the forest.
However, in our case, there isn’t enough available micro-organisms that can help make these non-available microorganism into simpler form.
Additionally due to repetitive usage of soil for cultivation, the soil lacks nutrients.

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