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Mr . Yogesh Patel

“Spray every 15 days All crop clear No Fungal and Bacterial diseases. For more information on products, drop your mobile numbers below and our team will contact you.”

Shrikant Lala Bhattar

“Our client Mr. Lala Bhattar (Shrikant Lala Bhattar) from Raipur (Chattisgarh) is happy to share pictures of his plants from his farm (Ram raman bagh farm) after using Shamrock's AL-SACH Water Soluble fertilizers and Ampoxcilin (Imported Multi Micronutrient Fertilizer).”

Praful Bhai Patel

“Dosage:300gm Borogold in 200litre of water Borogold Sprayed every 15days Result - All crop clear. No fungal and Bacterial diseases”

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