Humi Zyme Gold

Product type: Plant Growth Promoter
Technical name: Humic Acid Granules
Humi Zyme Gold (Humic Acid Granules) is a granulated organic natural product which is derived from seaweed.
It has natural amino acid, hydrolysed protein complex, bio enzymes and essential nutrients. It improves crops tolerance to stress, adverse seasonal condition and pests diseases.
Product Name Humi Zyme Gold - Humic Acid Granules
Composition Seaweed 6s.0%
Humic Acid 12.0%
Isolated Amino Acid 4.0%
Fulvic Acid 4.0%
Other Nutrients 5.0%
Packaging Size 3kg
Application Soil Power increases roots spreading, improves soil fertility and tolerance to climatic stress and diseases. It is compatible with fertilizers and pesticides.
  • 6 kg per acre.
  • Dose per Pot - 30gms.

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  • These uses of these Plant Growth Promoters/Tonic and their dosages might vary due to Soil condition, crop stage and weather conditions.
  • We encourage you to consult a local agronomist before using these.
  • Please note, the dosages given are just for reference – We do not take any responsibility of the exact dosage and we do not provide any schedule for crops or plants.

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