Borosil Nano
(Disinfectant Floor Cleaner)

Borosil Nano (Viruside & Bacteriside) is a highly effective DISINFECTANT Surface Cleaner that is safe to use at homes/offices/personal items/Vehicles/anywhere. Use it everyday to mop your house/office - Spray it in your Gardens- Clean your Vehicles. Best and Safest Disinfectant for Santization and Cleaning.
  1. A Broad Spectrum Fungicide, Bactericide, Virucide, Sporicide & Algaecide.
  2. It is a multi-component Biocide. Combination of Nano Silver. Particles & Inorganic Salts and Electrolytes Forming a synergistic complex with other components imparts a long-lasting Effect.
  3. The bactericidal effect of silver is based on the fact that the monovalent Silver ion binds very firmly to bacterial proteins by a covalent or coordinate bond, and thus inactivates or precipitates them.
  4. Silver is well known for its oligo – dynamic action (cold sterilization). The germ killing effect of BOROSIL NANO is rapid and thorough, even from low to high temperatures.
  5. BOROSIL NANO generates neither smell nor taste, has no toxic effect, & causes no corrosion.
  6. BOROSIL NANO when used as per the guidelines causes no irritation to the eyes, skin or mucous membranes. It is non polluting. The silver level is well below 180 micrograms / person / day permitted by W.H.O.
Therefore it is safe for both human as well as animal life.
Product Name Borosil Nano
Product Characteristic Disinfectants
  • Totally Chlorine free.
  • Remains effective even at high Temperatures.
  • Can be used universally. Effective over wide pH range.
  • Rapid sterilization, Excellent Industrial Biocide.
  • No alteration to taste of food/ substance.
  • Non-staining., Non-pollutant and bio-degradable.
  • Non-inflammable, Non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic.
  • Good stability in storage, Odourless.
  • LD50 value is greater than 2850 mg/kg of animal weight, No toxic effect reported.
  • No resistance developed by Microorganism.
  • Borosil Nano has been found very effective for use in hospitals / clinic / domestic/ institutioinal / public health.
  • Sterilization of Surgical Instruments n Sterilization of Linen, etc.
  • Disinfection of wall & floor Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic & Research Labs.
  • Operation Theatre, Sterile Rooms and Dispensaries.
  • Formulations, Liquids, Ointments, Tablets, Blood Banks.
  • AQ (Indoor Air Quality), Bulk Drugs, Fermentation.
  • Dental Products / Mouth Wash, Parenteral Preparations.
Packaging Size 150gms
  • 5gm per litre (Mopping and Cleaning/spraying)

Micro Organisms/Test Method
(Borosil Nano has been tested for been highly effective in killing following Disease Causing Pathogens in a Government Approved Laboratory.)

  1. E. coli (ATCC 259220)
  2. Salmonella Typhi (NCTC 786)
  3. Klebsiella Pneumonae (ATCC 700603)
  4. Staphylococcus Aureus (NCTC 3750)
  5. Enterococcus Faecilis (ATCC 29212)

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